Confusion & Contention

I Corinthians 14:33

“For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.”

Scripture reminds us that God is not the author of confusion; He is the author of peace.  Proverbs 13:10 says, “Only by pride cometh contention…”

Everywhere you look these days, there seems to be confusion and contention!  If God is not the author of confusion, who is?  What is the root cause of this division and contention…PRIDE.

What is a Christian to do in the middle of all of this? Don’t get distracted. Stay focused on what God has given us to do. Stay focused on the gospel and getting it to others! Since the garden of Eden, Satan has been trying to plunge mankind into sin. This is still his goal today. Satan would love nothing more than to Pervert the Gospel, Postpone the Gospel or even Prevent the Gospel from getting to lost souls. That is still our primary goal as the church, and we must not allow Satan to hinder that process.  As a matter of fact, we should do everything we can to strengthen and multiply our efforts to win the lost before we hear that trumpet sound as the Lord comes to take us home!  God will still save anyone who will come to Him!  Perhaps more people are open to the gospel, as they live amidst such confusion and contention.

Join us this Sunday, as we fellowship together, worship the One who is worthy of our praise, and look to God’s Word for encouragement and direction during these days!

Pastor Joey Byrd