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“Message on Elisha” – Sunday AM, 04/12/2021, Bro. Joey

“Ephesians Study” – Wednesday PM, 10/28/2020, Bro. Joey

“Psalm 15 – Do I want the Power of God on my Life?” – Sunday PM, 10/25/2020, Bro. Mark
“Serving God with Excellence” – Sunday AM, 10/25/2020, Bro. Dave

Fall Revival 2020 with Bro. Randy King

“Hope in Christ” – Wednesday PM, 10/21/2020, Bro. King
“Rejoice, Young Man, in thy Youth” – Tuesday PM, 10/20/2020, Bro. King
“Being an Effective Witness” – Monday PM, 10/19/2020, Bro. King
“Speaking Boldly as I Ought to Speak” – Sunday PM, 10/18/2020, Bro. King
“Ye are the Salt of the Earth” – Sunday AM, 10/18/2020, Bro. King

“Lessons from Jonah” – Wednesday PM, 06/10/2020, Bro. Dave

“Seven Evidences of Inspiration” – Sunday PM, 06/07/2020, Bro. Joey

“The Real Danger of the Last Days” – Sunday AM, 06/07/2020, Bro. Joey

“So Many Kinds of Voices” – Sunday AM, 05/31/2020, Bro. Joey

Ephesians Study, Wednesday, 05/27/2020

Sunday PM, 05/24/2020, Bro. Joey

“Hannah’s Testimony” – Sunday AM, 05/24/2020, Bro. Joey

Ephesians Study, Wednesday, 05/20/2020

“When God Leads us Outside our Comfort Zone” – Sunday PM, 05/17/2020, Bro. Joey

Sunday AM, 05/17/2020, Bro. Joey

Ephesians Study, Wednesday, 05/13/2020

Mother’s Day Message – Sunday AM, 05/10/2020, Bro. Joey

“The Grace of God Bestowed” – Ephesians Study, Wednesday, 05/06/2020, Bro. Joey

“When the Lord goes Silent” – Sunday PM, 05/03/2020, Bro. Joey

“Becoming Vulnerable to the Enemy” – Sunday AM, 05/03/2020, Bro. Joey

“One God” – Ephesians Study, Wednesday, 04/29/2020, Bro. Joey

“Humility” – Sunday PM, 04/26/2020, Bro. Steve

“A True Witness” – Sunday AM, 04/26/2020, Bro. Joey

“One Baptism” – Ephesians Study, Wednesday, 04/22/2020, Bro. Joey

“Choosing to be Joyful” – Sunday PM, 04/19/2020, Bro. Dave

“Turning Failure into Faith” – Sunday AM, 04/19/2020, Bro. Joey

“Because He Lives” – Sunday AM, 04/12/2020, Bro. Joey

“One Faith” – Ephesians Study, Wednesday, 04/08/2020, Bro. Joey